Our Services

We offer different packages and services to meet your apparel business needs.

We specialize in every step of the garment branding business. We will help you create a logo. We will find the right style of garment. We will print your graphics onto your garments using a variety of different materials. We will design, create and package your goods, and finally, we will ship them out to your customers; all on OUR website. All you have to do is drive traffic to The Apparel Network and collect your profits!

Our Services

- Full Service. Have us do all of the work and simply drive traffic to The Apparel Network website. Logo design fees (if required) and subscription fees apply. 

- Web Hosting. Post your product on The Apparel Network site and receive notifications whenever someone purchases your product. You will be responsible for fulfilling and shipping your orders. Subscription fees apply.

- Custom Garment Creation Only. You send us your logo and order details, and we will print your garments and ship them to you. 


Benefits of using our full service and selling on The Apparel Network.


- Create an empire with one employee. There is no need for you to purchase equipment or supplies, hire employees or rent space. You can register a business, drive traffic to our website, and collect profit from the comfort of your home.

- Don't worry about ordering stock. We create your products once they are sold on our website. Never worry about losing money on stock that doesn't sell. Turnaround time is 5 days.

- Flexible and affordable subscriptions starting from 29$/month give individuals just starting out a chance to get their product out there with no risk. Cancel your subscription at any time.

- All manufacturing and sourcing are done in Canada. You will be supporting local jobs and fair labour practices.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

The Apparel Network Team

~Your Clothing Connection!